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"I'm always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught."- Winston Churchill

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So I was watching Red Dwarf and I was like “3,000,000 years of evolution and the best the creators can come up with was a humanoid with cat-like behaviors and the most phenomenally odd fashion sense this side of the Milky Way?”  Then I realized something: Cat evolved from creatures living on a ship created by humans for humans to function as the best possible space for a human to live.  That means that, to live, cats had to evolve into humans.  Mind. Blown.

Filed under red dwarf rant this is actually kind of awesome it took me about forever to figure this out I wondered for so long about the humaniod cat and when I got it I was suddenly at peace no seriously i was zen

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    GOT IT IN ONE. You just answered a question I never knew I had. :D
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